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Daddy can I use FireFox?

Daddy can I use FireFox? Those are the words of my eight year old who has reverted to the use of Mozilla FireFox.Don’t get me wrong,FireFox is an excellent browser and certainly one that I do use from time to time.However it is entirely my fault that my little girl was asking me such a question,and it is not that I am some kind of browser tyrant anyway. You see it all started with my once in a while  household lectures with how good Google Chrome is as a a matter of fact you just have to mention the word chrome to start me.Sometimes I sit in my little corner of the room just waiting for someone to just say browser...please just give me an excuse.... Anyhow it was going so well ,everyone had switched to Google Chrome and needless to say all were fascinated,seriously.I neglected to say that I was using the developer version and doing my own naive tinkering along the way.So when everything began to collapse they all blamed it on Google Chrome and no explanation on my pa