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Microsoft's new IE9 triggers speed-test squabble

Image via Wikipedia Deep Tech - CNET News : "Microsoft has released a seventh test version of Internet Explorer 9 the company says is better at 'real-world' Web-based JavaScript programs. But with it has come a rival's accusation that Microsoft essentially engaged in the storied computer industry practice of benchmark engineering--designing technology to be fast on an artificial speed test. The seventh IE9 platform preview comes with new improvements to its Chakra JavaScript engine. And Microsoft asserted Chakra is engineered to do better on actual Web site tasks rather than narrow benchmarks. Related articles Microsoft ships seventh preview build of IE9 ( IE9 and SunSpider - the plot thickens (

Google Chrome Beta Can 'Prerender' Web Pages

Image via CrunchBase : "One of the most recent builds of the Google Chrome browser offers support for an intriguing new feature: 'prerendering' of Web pages, offering even faster Web browsing by guessing which pages you'll visit next. In the 9.0.576.0 build and subsequent versions of Chrome for Windows and Linux , the new build 'add[s] support for page prerendering', according to the changelog. The feature had previously been part of the open-source Chromium technology. The new Chrome build is part of the Chrome beta channel , and users who use the standard 'stable' Chrome builds must download the beta version." Related articles Chrome Dev Gets Instant Verbatim, Web Prerendering ( Web Page Prerendering Appears in Chrome Labs ( View PDF Documents Right in Google Chrome (