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Why I’ve Switched From Chrome to Firefox 4

Whitson Gordon   Lifehacke r   You've probably  heard a lot about Firefox 4's new interface, speed, and feature improvements , but  many of you have already left it for Chrome . Here's why Firefox's newest version is worth another look, even if you're a diehard Chrome user. I've never been much of a Firefox user myself. I switched between browsers a lot until Chrome came out, after which I used it almost exclusively. It was fast, extensible, available on all platforms, and the more it gained in popularity, the better it became. Sure, it had its quirks, but it was the best I could get at the time. Firefox's slowness really turned me off, so I never really gave it a chance. Related articles Firefox 4 doubles Internet Explorer 9's usage share in half the time ( Opera 11 vs. Chrome 10 on the Mac ( Firefox 4 Downloads Continue to Trounce Internet Explorer 9's ( Mozilla Firefox 5 Preparations Begin (ghacks.
Image via Wikipedia I haven't used Internet Explorer for a very long time so it is good to note these improvements.... Webpro News Microsoft announced today their latest version of  Internet Explorer  reached 2.3 million downloads in 24 hours. Will IE9 be the catalyst to allow Microsoft to gain some ground back in market share? The past few years, IE has steadily lost ground to the likes of  Mozilla’s Firefox  and  Google Chrome . In 2007, IE controlled 80% of the market. The latest reports have them sitting at 57%. Simplistic interfaces, faster load times, better security, have all been reasons behind IE losing ground. It appears Microsoft has remedied many of these problems, and reviews have pointed out these improvements. Related articles 10 Things You Need To Know About Internet Explorer 9 ( Internet Explorer 9 Overview ( Internet Explorer 9 Reaches 2.3 Million Downloads In 24 Hours ( Mozilla Takes Aim At Internet Expl

Mozilla mirroring Chrome's fast, phased releases

It makes a lot of sense...Firefox is a good browser.... eep Tech - CNET News : "A faster, regular release schedule isn't the only idea Mozilla is adopting from Google's browser. The organization also is embracing a plan to give Firefox a similar spectrum of test and stable versions to try to bring new features to market swiftly. The general idea is to issue new versions of Firefox with varying levels of maturity, with the more mature versions geared for larger audiences, according to a draft document published by Mozilla programmer Rob Sayre.